Pleasure Lash


This lash is perfect for achieving sexy and playful eyes. The L’Face Mink Lashés are unlike synthetic lashes you can find in drug stores. They’re made with a soft cotton band, which makes them lightweight, comfortable, and super easy to apply. Our mink hair also provides each lash strand with a tapered effect, just like a natural hair should because they are always shaped by hand, never cut.

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Our “Why So Vain” full volume ultra fluffy 3D mink lashes are designed with alternating hair lengths that will give you an elegant and textured look. The longer tips flare at the end, and create a beautiful, “airy” finish. These elegant mink lashes enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and are perfect for a night out or any special occasion.


  • Average 15-30 uses per pair depending on care
  • Lightweight, with a thin, flexible, microfiber lash band
  • Black lash band blends into lash line for a natural look
  • 100% sterilized mink fur with a cotton band
  • Clear plastic lash tray and cover for easy lash storage

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